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Q – What do I need to bring with me in order to rent a trailer?
A – You need to bring a valid South African ID, driver’s license and proof of residence

Q – Do you rent to foreigners?
A – Unfortunately we do not rent our trailers out to foreigners 

Q – What constitutes proof of residence?
A – We accept the following as proof of residence, all must be 3 months or less old 

  • Water and lights account
  • Telephone account statement
  • Bank statement
  • TV license statement    

Q – What does Per Day mean, how long am I allowed having the trailer out for?
A – You have 24 hours from the time you rented the trailer. Failure to return the trailer within 24hrs will result in an additional full day/s rate being charged.

Q – Do I have to pay a deposit when renting a trailer?
A – No we do not require a deposit to be paid 

Q– Can I rent the trailer for more than 24 hours?
A - Yes you can rent the trailer for as long as you like but you will be charged per 24 hours and the rental must be paid upon collection of the trailer

Q – Do you have a limit of to how far I can travel with the trailer?
A – No, there are no limitations on the distance you want to travel with the trailer, as long as the trailer remains within the South African borders

Q – If I cannot return the trailer within the rental period what should I do?
A – If you cannot return the trailer with the contract period please contact the branch you rented from and let them know you will be late returning the trailer and they will notify you of the charges and how and when to pay

Q – Do you do Cross Border rentals?
A – Yes we do cross border rentals, however, these rentals are limited to existing customers only

Q – What weight can my car tow?
A – Please refer to your car user manual, that will stipulate the towing weight of your vehicle, you can also look on your vehicle license disk, look for the TARE weight, your vehicle may not tow more than the weight of your vehicle

Q – What does GVM stand for ?
A – The GVM is the Gross Vehicle Mass of the trailer, this is the legal allowed towing weight of the trailer including the load. If a trailer has a GVM of 1000kgs this means the trailer and the load is only allowed to weigh 1000kgs and no more

Q – What is load capacity and how is it calculated?
A – The load capacity of a trailer is the weight you can put on the trailer This is calculate as follows: if the weight of the trailer is 500kgs and the GVM is 1000kgs, the load capacity of the trailer is 500kgs, GVM minus trailer weight = load capacity

Q – What’s the best way to load a trailer?
A – When loading a trailer make sure that at load weight is spread evenly across the trailer. If you do not spread the weight evenly across the load bed of the trailer, trailer sway will arise while towing the trailer which could cause an accident. Click here for more info

Q – Are your trailers insured while I have the trailer and is there insurance to pay?
A – Yes, all our trailers are comprehensively insured, however, in the case of an accident, theft or damage, there will an excess of R5000 payable which you are liable for. If the damage is less than R5000 then you will be liable for the payment. We do offer a damage waiver for accidental damage, accident or theft. No there is no Insurance to pay, the insurance charge is included in the rental price

Q – Do I have to take out the damage waiver?
A – No you do not have to take out the damage waiver cover, however, it is advisable.

Q – What does your damage waiver cover and what does it not cover? 
A – If you take out the damage waiver cover upon rental this will cover you for all costs relating to accidental damages, this includes the excess in the case of theft of the trailer or accidental damages exceeding R5000.
The damage waiver does not cover any theft of spare wheels, wheels and jockey wheels. Damage waiver also does not cover damages occurring due to negligence, speeding, loading the trailer incorrectly and what is loaded on the trailer. 

Q – How is the damage waiver calculated?
A – The damage waiver is 20% of the total rental amount, for example, if you rent a trailer for R250 per day for 1 day the damage waiver will cost you R50, if you take the trailer for 2 days, R300 x 2 = R600, the damage waiver will be R100 and so on. This amount will be included in the contract

Q – Can I return the trailer after your working hours?
A – Unfortunately you must return the trailer within our working hours.